Large White Lux Z Palette

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The White Lux Z Palette shimmers like fishscale and breaks the light in colors that no one know the names of all across its surface.  A radiant complement to your color.

The patented Large Z Palette is our best-selling size and a staple in every makeup artist's kit.  Large enough to fit up to 28 standard-sized, round pans, the Large Z Palette is still super slim, sleek and perfect for travel. Its clear window allows you to see all of its contents at a glance. Whether you plan to fill it with eye shadows, blushes or powders, the completely customizable magnetic base works with any brand, size or shape products. 

Metal Stickers Included: 20pcs (10pcs Round, 10pc Square)

Length Outside: 20.47cm

Width Outside: 12.54cm

Depth Outside: 1.4cm

Length Inside: 18.89cm

Width Inside: 10.5cm

Depth Inside: 0.6cm