Large Rose Gold Croc Z Palette

Product info

Introducing our new Z Palette, Rose Croc. We took a popular color and added texture and shimmer to give our Z Palette a unique spin. Place your favorite shades of pink, peach and nude makeup to compliment it.

The patented Large Z Palette is our best-selling size and a staple in every makeup artist's kit.  Large enough to fit up to 28 standard-sized makeup pans, the Large Z Palette is still super slim, sleek and perfect for traveling with makeup. Its clear window allows you to see all of its contents at a glance. Whether you plan to fill it with eyeshadows, blushes or powders, the customizable magnetic palette works with any brand, size or shape products. 

  • Outside: 8.06" L x 4.94" W x 0.56" D
  • Inside: 7.44" L x 4.13" W x 0.25" D  
  • Metal Stickers: 20pcs (10pc Round, 10pc Square)