Large Phantom Z Palette

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The Phantom Z Palette is a literal display of light, shadow, and color. Move it around and it separates the light into spectrums of color across its surface, complemented by the beautiful gunmetal glitter frame.

The patented Large Z Palette is our best-selling size and a staple in every makeup artist's kit.  Large enough to fit up to 28 standard-sized, round pans, the Large Z Palette is still super slim, sleek and perfect for travel. Its clear window allows you to see all of its contents at a glance. Whether you plan to fill it with eye shadows, blushes or powders, the completely customizable magnetic base works with any brand, size or shape products.

Metal Stickers Included: 20pcs (10pcs Round, 10pc Square)

Length Outside: 20.47cm

Width Outside: 12.54cm

Depth Outside: 1.4cm

Length Inside: 18.89cm

Width Inside: 10.5cm

Depth Inside: 0.6cm